Go Batty For The Austin Bat Festival!

This is one of Sir Austin’s favorite times of year and TRUST US, it has nothing to do with the fact that he fashions himself after a moving day Batman! It really has to do with the fact that in his long downtown Austin moving career he’s grown to love the The Bat Fest and all its Austin weirdness!

The Austin Bat Fest is a one-day event that is held on August 19 on the Congress Avenue Bridge. Not only will you get a great view of some bats, the event has a number of other amenities planned, such as private restrooms, a voucher that is planned to be used on an official event retail booth for event t-shirts, a tented offstage section with tables and seats, reserved VIP parking within the nearest TXDOT lot, and a lot more. This event is a great way of celebrating the most famous mammal in Austin, the Mexican free-tailed bat. The festival will feature 3 phases of live national and local music, drinks and food vendors, children’s events as well as a bat costume competition.

What will you see at the Bat Festival this year? 1.5 million bats that will emerge from underneath the bridge, three stages with great live music, a lot of vendors, awesome drinks and food vendors, fun activities for the whole family, a bat gear competition and many other bat themed activities.

Austin Bat Fest VIP Tickets

Wanna be in the front row? Then make sure to have your VIP tickets! This will entitle you access to those areas that are designated only for VIP. This features front row standup region on the major stage within the Austin American Statesman parking space. There is also a front row region in the North Bridge stage, you get private restrooms, a tented off stage section with tables and chairs, a voucher for the booth for event t-shirts, a VIP parking space within the closest TXDOT area, secluded cash bar stocked with mixed drinks which include two complimentary beverage tickets. You will also get a food voucher, soda and water. Interested individuals should be at least 21 years old in order to drink

Bat Costume Competition:

The prize is 100 dollars for Best Adult Costume as well as $100 for greatest children’s costume. The participants will be lined up on stage, and the crowd will be asked to shout for costume they think are the best. Super batty costumes are definitely encouraged!

Regarding the Bats:

Since the bats are wild animals, it is difficult to predict if the bats will actually emerge but they normally start flight between 7:00 and 8:45 PM. For recent emergence times, please call 512-327-9721 EX16. The bats should emerge in half hour increments, just imagine it, 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats that all start flight at the same time, amazing!

Awesome Video Of The Bats In Action!