Austin Apartment Movers Guide

Guide To Moving An Austin Apartment

If you’ve ever hired a moving company then you know that there is a lot more to think about then whether your mover is a reputable one. There is much to think about outside your move and that’s why Sir Austin wants you to check out this apartment moving guide first. This moving guide can help you alleviate some of the stress that you will undoubtedly face while moving. The last thing you want to do is be unprepared. Follow the steps below to ensure that you have a smooth apartment move!

Notify Apartment You Will Be Moving Out

The first thing you want to do is make sure that your apartment complex knows that you are going to be moving. Giving the staff adequate time to prepare your apartment after you move will build up good will with the leasing staff. For anyone who has ever had to quarrel with leasing staff about getting your deposit back knows that building good will on your way out can only be a good thing.

Take Time Off Of Work In Advanced

Make sure you take time off from work as far in advance as possible. Obviously you know the ins and outs of taking time off from work and the last thing you want to do is spring a last minute move on your boss. Giving yourself adequate time will make sure you have the smoothest transition into your new home.

Get Quotes From Austin Apartment Moving Companies

There are a ton of Austin apartment moving companies that would love to have your business, ours included! Make sure you get as many moving quotes as you can and research the moving companies online. Apartment moves are a common service among most moving companies.

Get Rid Of Clutter In Your Apartment

The last thing you want to do when moving out of your old apartment is lug around a bunch of stuff that you don’t intend to use in your new home. Awesome ideas are to sell your things online, give away to friends and family and also donate to Goodwill. Having your new home as clutter free as possible will give you great peace of mind.

Notify All Utilities In Question

If you’ve ever been charged for utilities that you didn’t use then you’ll know how important it is to pay all old utility bills and discontinue service as soon as your apartment is moved. The last thing you want is to have to pay for someone else using up electricity on your dime. Making a list of all the utilities you pay will ensure that none of them fall through the cracks.

Forward Your Mail

Another big thing you want to check off your apartment moving checklist is to forward the mail from your old apartment to your new home. Some nicer apartments in Austin having forwarding services for you and even the Post Office has ways to forward your mail online. This way you won’t have to go down to the Post Office and wait inline.

Take An Inventory Of Your Apartment

Taking an inventory of your old apartment will ensure that you have a quick checklist that you can run down once you are all moved in. Moving an apartment can be a hectic experience and having an inventory checklist will help you not lose anything during the move.

Get Your Security Deposit Back

Getting your apartment security deposit back will help you pay for living expenses in your new home and let’s face it, who wants to lose a deposit? However getting your whole deposit back means that your apartment is left in pristine condition. Follow the guide linked about for tips on how to get your apartment deposit back.

Apartment Moving Checklist