Austin Apartment Movers: Get Your Deposit Back

Apartment Moving Deposit Guide

Moving From An Austin Apartment?

Because Sir is the best Austin apartment mover out there he has heard countless horror stories from his moving customers about how they’ve had to haggle with management about getting their apartment deposit back and if you’ve ever been a renter then you’ve definitely experienced this pain. Sir heard so many stories he decided to create an article that will help his customers get their security deposits back! This moving guide will prevent you from ever letting another landlord keep your deposit when you move! Ready Austinites, let’s get our apartment deposits back!

Clean Your Apartments Deck

A great way clean a deck is to attach a hose to a broom. This will help aid in the process of cleaning your deck.
Actually, the hose will completely rinse the deck and will loosen the caked dirt while you sweep it away.
Nevertheless, before you try a new cleaning solution, you need to test it first. Try a small test to ensure
that it will not harm the finish. The last thing you want is to pay to refinish a deck when moving from an apartment.

Cleaning Apartment Baking Soda

Unclog Your Drains

Baking Soda and ammonia make a great frugal movers potion that can unclog a drain. You definitely shouldn’t combine the mixture with harsh chemicals like ammonia, drain cleaners or bleach. That could create some seriously toxic vapors! The next thing you could do is our half a cup of baking soda right through the drain. And then, pour half a cup of white vinegar. If possible, cover it with a drain cover. After about fifteen to twenty minutes, pour 6 to 8 cups of boiling water directly into the drain. This will help move the baking soda and vinegar throughout the pipes.

Remove Food From The Stove Top

When cleaning a stove that has caked on dirt, you need to utilize a razor blade that will help scrape the residue off of the glass while being careful not to scratch the surface. After the cooked-on and hard pieces have been eliminated, you now need to wipe it off with a paper towel or a damp cloth.

Clean Your Apartments Microwave

In order to clean your apartments microwave you need to mix water and white vinegar in equal parts in a bowl. Then, heat it up in a microwave for several minutes and that will help loosen up all residues that have accumulated inside. Afterwards, wipe it down using a paper towel.

Apartment Window Cleaning

EXTRA, EXTRA! Clean Your Windows!

Newspapers are very absorbent and usually don’t streak, plus they don’t leave lint like cloth rags can. There is, however, a need to be extra careful when it comes to vinyl window frames. This is due to the fact that the ink might potentially leave marks. In addition to that, know that you might end up with some ink on your hands.

Clean Any Scuffs You Have

Scrub the linoleum using a dry cloth and toothpaste. And then, continue scrubbing it until that there is no toothpaste residue that has been left.

Clean Hard Water Stains

You have to create a paste consisting of one teaspoon of vinegar and two tablespoons of salt. Apply the paste to the fixtures. Finally, scrub the stains with a Brillo cloth.

Clean Apartment Shower Doors

Clean Your Apartments Shower

The first thing to do is to wet down a dryer sheet and scrub the door. It may take 2-3 sheets. And then, you now need to rinse your door. While this might seem like it wouldn’t be a good method of cleaning an apartment shower, the sheets and the fibers grip the residue. The fabric softener will remain in the sheet and will help loosen the build-up.

Clean Out Your Cabinets

Mix 2 parts baking soda and one part vegetable oil in a bowl. You can use an old toothbrush to get the job done. Now all you have to do is scrub the crevices in your cabinets and voila, you should have your apartment moving deposit back!

Apartment Cleaning Advice

Check out this informative video Sir Austin found on YouTube about how to properly clean an apartment when moving.