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Sir Austin is a batchelor so he knows all about apartment living. You want the move done quickly, safely & cheap-ly, is he right?

Apartment Moving Services

Sir Austin is a batchelor so he knows a thing or two about apartment living! Here's the 3 common scenarios we see while on apartment moves.


We offer turnkey apartment moving services and Sir Austin has pretty much seen every scenario. Whether you're moving to or from an apartment, Sir has you covered!

High Rises

Moving in or out of a high-rise apartment can be a logistical challenge. Once you enter an elevator into the equation it complicates things but don't worry, Sir has hours of elevator moving time!

Short Terms

If you're move to a new apartment is only going to be temporary then we can plan a multi step move and give you a great rate on both, typically this is when building a new home.

Apartment Moving Process

This is the process that Sir Austin follows on every apartment move and you can rest assured he's ready for any scenario we might face.

Survey The Scene

The first step whenever moving to or from an apartment is to survey the scene. Knowing what the moving conditions are beforehand can save time and ensure the proper tools are used during the move.

What Are The Impediments

This one is huge, if you don't know what the impediments to a move are before you get there then you can be caught off guard whenever you arrive. However Sir Austin's a knight so he's always ONGUARD!

Will Everything Fit

Another big question that needs to be answered is will all your stuff fit? If you're downsizing from a house this is a crucial question to ask ahead of time.

What Floor Is It On

Mapping the walk way to your new apartment is very important. If you're apartment is not on the first floor, measuring out the stairs to game plan a pathway becomes extra important.

Unpacking Your New Apartment

Unpacking an apartment can often be a tight squeezing proposition. That's why planning where everything will go beforehand becomes so important. We'll make sure it all fits!

Finalizing The Move

We won't leave a job until you are 100% satisfied with everywhere your stuff goes. Want us to move this here and that there? NO PROBLEM!

Sir's Simple Strategy

Friendly Service

We understand that moving is stressful so we only hire movers with friendly dispositions, then teach them to be the best!

Sound Protocols

It might seem like a mindless endevour but there is a big difference between a professional move and amateur hour.

Train, Train, Train

Every move is different, ripe with potential logistical snags. We train, train, train and then send our movers out into the wild.


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