Apartment Moving Inspection Guide

Apartment Moving Inspection Guide

Austin Aparment Movers: Get Your Deposit Back!

Sir Austin is on a quest to be the best apartment moving company in Austin and in his quest, he’s always on the lookout for ways he can help make your move a smoother one. If you’ve ever lost a deposit on an apartment for something that happened before you moved in then you’ll know how important it is to inspect everything before moving . This guide walks you through what you should do when moving to a new apartment so you can protect yourself against ever loosing another deposit for something that wasn’t your fault again!

Take Pictures Of Your Apartment And Date Them

Whenever you move into a new apartment make sure you have your phone camera waiting in the wings. Taking pictures of the entire apartment beforehand will give you a visual reference of how the apartment looked before you moved in.

Remember, you’re renting not buying, so it’s the responsibility of the management staff to fix any and all problems with the apartment before you move in, not after. The last thing you want to do is move into an apartment that has previous damage on the promise that they will ‘fix it later’. This could lead to a he said, she said, situation about the damages in question.

General Apartment Moving Checklist

  • Have you inspected every wall in the entire apartment? Are they all free and clear of dirt and debris? Make sure to check for any water damage or mold growing anywhere in the apartment that could indicate a possible problem down the road.
  • Check every electric outlet in the entire apartment to make sure they are working. If you don’t have a volt meter to test every outlet then a good way to test whether the outlets are working or not is to plug a phone charger that has a plugged in indicator light into each of them.
  • Make sure that all smoke detectors are working and operating properly. This one falls more into the realm of safety and something you definitely want to check, whether you are worried about getting your apartment deposit back or not.
  • What is the condition of the flooring? If the apartment has carpeting, is it new carpeting? If it’s obviously not new then have all previous stains been brought to the attention of management? If the apartment has wood floors, have all nicks and dings been recorded? Nothing will dip into your deposit quicker than damaged flooring. It’s usually the most expensive thing to replace in any apartment so make sure you are thorough when looking for stains and dings.

Apartment Movers Cross T's

Cross Your T’s and Dot Your I’s

Although this moving guide gives a very detailed overview of how to get your apartment deposit back, these are just a few highlights that you really want to check. If you’ve ever moved out of an apartment and not gotten your security deposit back due to something that you didn’t do, you know how frustrating it can be. So make you cross your T’s and dot your I’s! Want to see how the other half of apartment dwellers are living in Austin? Then be sure to check out Sir’s post amazing photos of downtown Austin apartments

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