Company Founders

The Architect and The Apprentice

Sir Austin is the founder of our company and the unequivocal ``movers champ``. He's not just idolized by his customers but by the entire A-Team as well. Our moving liaison's want to be like him and customers want to hang out with him, he's the total moving package!

Sir Austin 'The Architect'


Adam is Chief Evangelist for our company and is in charge of getting the word out about our movement. He's also the self-proclaimed #1 Sir Austin fan and even tried to get his job title appended to include the #1 Sir Austin Fan part, but when he brought it up in a meeting Sir shot it down real quick, he had an entire presentation prepared and everything...OUCH!

Adam 'The Apprentice' Dartez

Chief Evangelist

Management Team

The Trinity Of Moving Management

Danny Rodriguez aka Ram is the cornerstone of our operational structure. He's in charge of making everything run to Sir's standards and anyone who know's Sir, knows those are some colossal shoes to fill!

Danny Ramirez

Operations Manager

Fernando is the go between of Ram and Shawn and is in charge of enforcing the rules that Sir lays down. We take enforcement of Sir's standards serious around here and compliance is not an option.

Fernando Baeza

Enforcement & Compliance

Shawn is our overly organized office manager that gets on us all about everything from paperwork to whether we've read the latest additions to our custom Sir selected health plans. The guy is studying to be a Six Sigma Blackbelt, need we say more.

Shawn Salisberry

Office Manager

Moving Liasons

Our Awesome Team Of Moving Mavens

Kendrick is a super smart mover and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Move with him once and you'll see why Sir chose him as Head Mover.

Kendrick Whitestone

Head Liason / Trainer

Sergio is a smooth talking Argentinian that serenades his customers to sleep with sounds from his amazing moving mixtape collection.

Sergio Santana

Moving Liason / Trainer

Shawn is a laid back prankster that springs into action during a move. He might seem aloof at first but once the job starts watch out, this guy can flat out fly!

Shawn Estrada

Moving Liason / Trainer

Hendrix and Sir bonded over their love of the 'hipster life'. The two literally hang out all night and listen to bands that don't even exist yet!

Jason Hendrix

Moving Liason

Cordell is a family man that not only coaches his sons football, basketball AND soccer teams, he's also obtaining his Criminal Justice Degree at Texas State, where does this guy find the time!

Cordell Wilson

Moving Liason

Carlos is a mover by day and and an aspiring actor by night. Sir knows what its like to lead a double life, trust me, he knows...

Carlos Estrada

Moving Liason

Don't let the baby face fool you, Jamison 'The Kid' is a veteran in the Sir Austin Army. He's like a young sponge, soaking up everything Sir feeds him!

Jaminson Sanders

Moving Liason

Jordan is an up and coming rapper that is nice on the M-O-V-E. Sir is a huge hip-hop fan and he's setting up a production company to manage Jordan's career as we speak! #VerticalItegration

Jordan Lemon

Moving Liason

Terry is a good ole' boy that is as cool as it comes. But Terry doesn't just do moves for Sir, this guy can do it all, plumbing, dry wall, construction, you name it!

Terry Waters

Moving Liason

Jacob Johnson is Jordan Lemon's little 'brother from another mother' and also another upcoming rapper, he'll definitely get signed to Sir's new label!

Jacob Johnson

Moving Liason

Samson doesn't have long hair but would have given the biblical Samson a run for his money, this guy can lift anything!

Samson Atkinson

Moving Liason

Mike Pena is a full-time student and part-time mover. Sir can't wait until business will allow us to have a tuition reimbursement program, go Mike go!

Mike Pena

Moving Liason

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