The Best Parks Near Westlake

In his quest to become the go-to Westlake moving company Sir Austin has spent a lot of time in the area. If there’s one thing that Sir loves about Westlake it’s the amazing parks they have! Right about this time in winter Sir starts longing for summer and he’s put together a list of awesome parks in the Westlake area that are fun to visit in the summer OR winter. If you’re looking for a definitive list of the best parks to visit in Westlake then you’ve come to the right place! This article is a definitive list of the best parks to visit in the Westlake area, enjoy!

Lost Creek Park

Lost Creek Park is a hidden jewel near Westlake that is fun for the whole family or the serious trail blazers. Lost Creek offers a number of different activities to enjoy including swimming, relaxing or even partying like you’re still in college! The park boasts miles of trails to explore and some seriously cool swimming holes. Located off Lost Creek Blvd, just a quick 15 minute drive from downtown Austin, Lost Creek Park is a hop skip and jump from everything Austin. Aside from the miles and miles of trails to explore there are other amenities to enjoy as well like ample parking! If you’ve ever been to other parks in the Austin area you can quickly get frustrated at the parking situation but not at Lost Creek! The administrators of the park just ask one thing of you and that’s to be a good park patron. Nobody likes to clean up after others so Lost Creek just asks you to be respectful of the park and clean up after yourself! The park is definitely known for housing some great parties so if you’re looking for a chill party spot then definitely check Lost Creek out.

Barton Creek Greenbelt

The Barton Creek Greenbelt is an awesome park near Westlake that spans more than 7.9 miles and boasts over 809 acres of pure outdoor goodness. Beginning at Zilker Park this Austin jewel has it all. Awesome swimming holes, high cliffs for the cliff jumping enthusiasts and some seriously lush greenery to look at. Aside from these amenities The Barton Creek Greenbelt also has some cool biking and hiking trails that will satisfy even the most distinguish trail enthusiasts. If there is one thing this park has lots of it’s trails. So if you’re looking to blaze some super sweet Austin trails then be sure to check out this park!

Red Bud Isle Park

Red Bud Isle Park is an island in Austin unto itself. The park is surrounded by water holes that encompass the park on all sides. This is the park for the puppy people of Austin and is a great park to bring your pooches and meet other like-minded dog enthusiasts. One of the only downsides to Red Bud Isle is the limited parking so make sure to bring the smallest car that you own. This park is one of the only leash-free parks in Austin and if that’s not a statement to dog owners then we don’t know what is! Located on Town Lake, in the proximity to the Lake Austin dam, this park party offers ample space for Canoers, Kayakers and anyone else who wants to bring their own boats. It’s also rumored that this is one of the best fishing holes in all of Austin!

Boulder Park

Boulder Park is for the boldest rock climbers in Austin. If you’re serious about rock climbing then this is the park for you. Apply named, Boulder Park offers one of the most intense climbing experiences in all of Austin. But don’t worry about it being worth it because the park offers some of the best climbing views in Austin, making that trek up the steep rocks worth the climb. Aside from great climbing spots Boulder Park also offers amazing hike and bike trails as well for anyone not in to climbing. Although watch for the creek crossings because there are plenty of them at this Austin hot spot!

Hatley Park

Hatley Park is a quaint park near Westlake that is fun for the whole family. If there was a ‘family friendly’ park on this list then Hatley Park would be it. Not only does this park have great swimming holes it also has great hike and bike trails that are more family friendly then the other ones mentioned on this list. From its lush greenery to its pet friendly atmosphere this park is a hidden Westlake jewel for real!