10 Long Distance Moving Tips

Essential Long Distance Moving Tips

If you are getting ready to move a long distance and are using a long distance moving company in Austin then here are a number of awesome tips and tricks you should know. At the very moment you know that you are moving out of state or out of the city you should start the planning process. A perfect long distance move should accompany a perfect plan. Follow these tips to make your interstate move a smooth one!

What you are planning to move will dictate how detailed your move should be. For instance if you are going away to college and aren’t taking much with you then your moving plan doesn’t have to be that detailed. Just obtain some boxes, pack your stuff in the back of your car and your off. However if you are moving an entire house with furniture and the like then your long distance moving plan needs to be more detailed.

1) Plan, plan, plan and then move

Those who don’t plan, plan to fail and moving long distances is no different. You should start making checklists, similar to the one in this article and check them over and over again. Remember, if you are moving several hundred if not thousands of miles away then there is a lot to consider.

2) Don’t deviate from your plan

Once you have your plan in place then the next step is to layout a timetable for the tasks in the plan. It’s one thing to create an awesome moving plan but because most moves are time sensitive, it’s quite another to stick to the plan precisely. In order to keep yourself on schedule make sure to check off tasks from your list as they are completed, that way you can know where you are in the process. Not deviating from your moving plan will also ensure that you aren’t running around like a chicken with his head cut off at different intervals of your move.

3) Get Moving Quotes From Multiple Companies

If you’re using a professional moving company then make sure to get multiple estimates. You want to read through the websites of all the long distance moving companies that you are considering. Generally speaking if a company doesn’t have specialized information about a service that they claim to offer then they probably don’t specialize in the service. Make sure to get multiple estimates from each moving company so you can compare them to each other.

4) Don’t Forget To Update Your Paperwork

If you are moving a long distance then there will be multiple things you will need to update at multiple government agencies (Post Office, DMV, etc.). Make sure you do your homework and aren’t forgetting anything such as not cancelling your electric bill. Making a late change on some bills can cost you hundreds of dollars from free loaders who continue to use home services under your name so make sure you cross your t’s and dot your i’s whenever cancelling services from your old home. Once you’ve moved a long distance it can be a nightmare trying to cancel services remotely.

5) Take Inventory Of Your Belongings

Whenever you are moving long distances it is critical you have an accurate inventory list of all your belongings and make sure to check it good. It can be very easy to let something like an expensive camera that you haven’t used in months fall through the cracks. Generally speaking out of site out of mind and having an accurate inventory list of all your belongings will ensure that you aren’t forgetting something during your big move.

6) Consider De-Cluttering As Much As Possible

If you don’t want your long distance move to be unnecessarily chaotic then you should consider getting rid of things that you absolutely don’t need. Items that are prime candidates for getting rid of can include clothing that you haven’t worn in years, things that have been pilling up in your garage you never need and excess kitchen items like plates and other dishware that you won’t need. If you’re just moving across town then these items area easier to pack and move but if you are moving across the country then these items become less necessary.

7) Label Your Boxes Properly

Unless you are moving your belongings in clear plastic containers, which we absolutely recommend, chances are you won’t be able to easily peek inside your boxes once they are packed to labeling becomes of utmost importance. Another packing pro tip is also labeling your boxes according to the new room they are heading to. If you are consolidating rooms or adding rooms then this becomes even more important. Rooms that are staying the same, such as your new kitchen and garage are not as important because usually there is a one-to-one correspondence from your old room to your new one.

8) Plan Your Move During Slow Times

If you’re using a professional long distance moving company then try and plan your move when moving companies are the least busy. Generally speaking the summer months are going to be the busiest time for most moving companies so planning your move outside of the summer months will ensure that the company you choose will have more time to concentrate on your move. Moving long distances takes more planning and time so keep that in mind when you are planning the timing of your move if possible.

9) Prepare For The Big Move

Once you have your checklist ready and your head in the game then it’s time to make the big move. If you are packing yourself then make sure you start as early as you can to give yourself an adequate time window. Packing at the last minute can make a long distance move hectic to say the least and you won’t want the extra stress of feeling like you are forgetting something. If you are hiring a moving company for your long distance move that is going to do the packing for you then start the packing process as soon as you possibly can. Packing and moving are two separate processes and you can pack your house days if not weeks before your big move.

10) Follow Your Post Move Checklist

Once you have completed your long distance move, and you followed step 1, then you should have a post move checklist available to make sure you haven’t forgot anything. Going through your checklists slowly and methodically will ensure that nothing will fall through the cracks and will give you piece of mind. The last thing you want to do once you’ve reached your destination is have to tie up loose ends you hadn’t thought about. With the stress of moving to a new city who needs that headache!

If you follow these 10 long distance moving tips then you will ensure that you haven’t left anything to chance. Having a plan for your move, following and updating your checklists and hiring a reputable long distance moving company will ensure that you have a smooth move indeed!

Long Distance Moving Tips